Passkeys for your app. In a snap.

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Integrate passkeys into your app in minutes, not months

With only a few lines of code, you can bring a passwordless experience to your users.

Integrate quickly with a robust SDK and simple developer docs.

20 users free, forever. No credit card required, and no vendor lock-in.

We will NOT spam you. We don't even have a mailing list, and we won't opt you in if we ever create one.

Two-factor in one tap

  • Passkeys are built on the WebAuthn standard, backed by Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other industry leaders
  • Supported by biometrics - with a single tap or click
  • More secure than passwords
  • Reduce Account Takeover risk
  • Never re-used across websites
Not all devices support all features. We handle figuring this out so you don't have to.

Scales to fit your needs

SnapAuth is designed with flexiblity in mind:

  • Add easy-to-use MFA to a single critical action
  • Lock down your customer support tools — without adding friction
  • Enhance your authentication flows
  • Go all-in and replace passwords entirely

Increase conversion

  • Streamline registration and sign-in with one-tap APIs
  • Eliminate confusing password policies
  • No more missed 2-factor texts
  • Lost passwords can be a thing of the past

Invisible to users

  • No SnapAuth branding on your app
  • Lightweight: <2kb zipped ðŸŠķ
  • No tracking, analytics, cookies, etc.

Widely available

SnapAuth (and the underlying WebAuthn and passkey techologies) is available on all major platforms and web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • iOS native apps
  • Android native apps

Your users already have everything they need - no separate apps needed, no cell service required, and no push notification permissions requested.


Your data is yours

You stay in control of your users and their accounts. Integrating with SnapAuth can be as shallow or as deep as you want - but we always enhance your user management, not replace it.

Don't like the service? Export your data at any time. We want to earn your continued business.

We collect no personal data from your users, and don't want to!

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