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What's considered a Monthly Active User?

A Monthly Active User (MAU) is a User Account that signs in to your service during a given billing period.

Are registered users paid per month?

No. Registrations occur when a unique user is first created, and is not a recurring per-user charge.

Is adding an additional credential to an existing user paid?

No. Registrations are billed when the user account is first created. Adding credentials to an existing user is free.

What is a billing period?

It's a one-calendar-month interval during which usage is tracked. It starts midnight (UTC) on the day you sign up, and goes up to (not through) midnight one calendar month from then. If you sign up after the 28th of the month, we start the billing period on the 28th.

All prices listed in $US. Got a big site? Contact us for custom pricing.

1: Fair usage limits apply