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Security at SnapAuth

At SnapAuth, our primary mission is to enhance online security, and we prioritize this commitment above all else. As custodians of your sensitive information, we understand that earning and maintaining your trust is paramount.

Data Protection Measures at SnapAuth

Our approach to data protection revolves around minimizing data collection and ensuring that any data we store cannot be exploited by malicious actors. We only retain identifiers provided by users and associated public key data. For instance:

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

Should anyone manage to leverage this information to compromise an account, they would have effectively breached cryptography for the entire internet.

In addition to these measures, we implement a range of industry-standard security protocols:

Our team has extensive security expertise, including experience with PCI compliance audits at payment processors.

For any inquiries or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Why WebAuthn Offers Enhanced Security Compared to Passwords

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