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SnapAuth Privacy Policy

Last updated 2024-03-21 — Draft Version

SnapAuth is designed from the ground up to protect the privacy of you and your users. We collect and store only the minimum amount of data to provide our service, and the vast majority of it is not personalized. In general, if you don't directly and intentionally send it to us, we do not collect it.


Data we DON'T collect

Data we collect, and why

Personal Data

From you:

From your users:

Non-personal data

From you:

From your users:

Data we share, and why

We do not voluntarily share any end-user data with anyone. If served with a subpoena or other court order, we will provide the minimum amount of data to legally comply. Our system is designed to avoid the collection of any user identifying data.


As SnapAuth is a paid service, we need to collect contact and payment information from you or someone in your organization, and provide it to our payment processor, Stripe. We do not handle or store payment card information; this is handled directly by Stripe.


We provide you important account updates through email; in order to do so, your email address is shared with our email provider, SendGrid. We have disabled open and click tracking.

We will never attempt to directly contact your users.

Operational Telemetry

In order to monitor our service, we provide certain non-personal telemetry to third parties. This includes data like resource usage, request rates, and aggregate usage information. This contains no user data.

Website Analytics

At of this document’s last update date (2024-03-21), we do not use client-facing analytics. We reserve the right to add a privacy-conscious analytics service in the future. Such a service must collect or use only non-identifable and deanonymization-resistant information such as a one-way hash, and must not be capable of correlating activity on SnapAuth to any other site.

We have no interest in tracking you (especially across the internet), but do want to know things like “is a marketing campaign effective” or “is our website behaving as expected”.

We do not and will not run or install analytics on your site or application through integrating with SnapAuth.

How we protect your data

Our servers are geographically located within the US. By integrating with our service, your end-users will make direct connections to our APIs. This means data could cross international boundaries.

Contacting us

If you have a question or concern about our privacy policy, please email us at [email protected].